I would like to introduce myself and our family.

My name is Veronika and I was in kindergarten with my son Martínek at that time, but I have been a mother for a long time because I have my dog baby.

Mini bullterier was my big dream, which I consulted with friends for a long time and especially my best friend, whose family have many years of experience in breeding dogs and small breeds. And then it happened. A huge surprise came from Russia! My Lola.

 I got my dog baby thanks to my sister and friends Monika and Káťa, who, as experienced breeders (note: of other breeds), supervised the selection of the female. In the photo you can see the historical moment – Lola about two hours after she came from Russia. She “rewarded” my bow properly at home and bit my chair 🙂


Love at first sight. And I decided that this perfect creature and great breed was worth more to me. Lola’s amazing nature and temperament must not leave with her one day. And because I want to do everything right and honestly, I founded a kennel.

V neposlední řadě bych chtěla poděkovat vám zkušenějším “pejskařům” za cenné rady do težkých začátků 🙂


And why Mini Madhouse?

Because our household is sometimes just a little “mad” … 🙂

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